How many times should me and my girlfriend hang out per week?

Everyone loves to spend most of the time with one’s friend. In my opinion one should meet every day. If this is not possible find the right time for one’s meeting. As you know the girls love to meet the one they love. So don’t panic to ask the time to meet and one should be punctual in his visits. You may have many things to talk but let the talks be friendly and convincing so that both are able to know each other which helps in future life. Everyone should be sincere to one’s friend and should be able to explain all the matters about him or her which helps in a better understanding. This is possible only when one meets the other whenever one has time. Now a day the friends are also acceptable to parents and one can find a suitable place to meet. Let this be with one’s parent’s knowledge if they support you. However one should find time to meet the other when one gets time. All the details can be seen in the internet. One can also seek the opinion of elders to find the right and loving place to meet.

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